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a baddie. a hipster. a misses. a mister.

Sweet baby cheeses, is this actually happening?!! I never (like ever, ever) could have imagined when I began sharing my love for kid’s fashion that it would have grown into us building up a community that connects the entrepreneurial woman, the millennial mother-hustler, the radical wife, as well the every day dreamer, believer, and seeker. Whether you came for the thoughtful narrative, the funny stories, the crazy hashtags,  the vivid imagery,  or the cute kiddos — we thank you. Thank you for all the smiles you have brought to our faces  and all of the ways you have warmed our hearts over the years. Thank you for accepting us as we are and giving us the opportunity to be as silly, as insightful,  or as downright crazy as we wanna be. We give God all the glory and look forward to continuing to navigate our magic — together.


This is The Prince + The P.