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Dear Sweet P,

You won't wake up every day feeling confident and ready to conquer the day, or even the hour. Some days you will wake up and find tears on your face that you don't remember crying through the night. There will be times where the victory will be in just making it out of bed, brushing your teeth, and getting dressed. No matter how bad things seem or how dim your light is, remember that God's will won't ever take you where His grace can't keep you. Relief is on the way -- not only my promise, but His. ❤ // #theprinceandthep #BaddieP

Note: On my kid's last birthdays, I created email addresses for each of them where Hubby + I can pass on these posts, hopes, dreams, prayers, funny stories, breaking news, old pictures, and life lessons to them. We will share the email passwords with them when they graduate high school. It will be a gift for them, that keeps on giving. 💕

Dear Sweet P, You won't...

》No Time to make lunch or dinner -- no problem! #Grubhub has got you, Pho Sho! 🍲 lol Seriously, how convenient is it to order up your favorite meal and have it delivered to your front door?! A busy mama's dream come true! Check out @Grubhub for more yummy meal ideas! #GrubhubPartner // #theprinceandthepeats

》No Time to make lunch...

》Ugh. I hate obligatory posting days. 🙈 You know, those "do it for the 'gram because it didn't happen if you didn't post it" days.

I could have posted a pic of me + my man but we all know I love me some him [see hashtag: theprinceandthepparents]. I could have posted a pic of my babies but ya'll see them errryday 🤷🏽‍♀️ [see IG handle -- this account beez about them]. I could post some mushy caption but I don't feel mushy. I'm tired. I surprised both my kids at their lunches, Hubby and I went to both their class parties, I took P to soccer practice, then we all went out to dinner and almost everybody fought to stay awake at the table.

So Happy Valentine's Day, Frans! Try not to overthink or put too much weight into some fantastic caption, just to say you did it. ❤ Love lives where you place it, not where you post it. 😜 // #theprinceandthep

》Ugh. I hate obligatory posting...

》Today I was thinking about my babygirl, and how she is my last. I cling tightly to everything about her -- every mis-pronounced word, every hair on her head, every innocent question -- because I don't get to have these moments again. I have known since I was 13 years old, that I only wanted two kids, a boy and a girl -- and that hasn't changed. But I'm taking change harder these days (really hard), soaking up the sane moments, and making peace with the fact that the toddler days are long behind me. I am raising a little girl. 😭 #BaddieP #almostsix // #theprinceandthep

》Today I was thinking about...

》My 8 year old has such a mature level of interest in things that most kids wouldn't think twice about. He LOVES quotes. 💬 He will hear one, think about it, and then tell me what it means. He has even written some of his own. 💓 This morning, as we were rushing out the door, he told me that he found something interesting in the recycle bin at school that he wanted to show me. We were already running late, so I told him I would look at it as soon as I got home.

When I got back, I kept my promise and unfolded the yellow piece of paper and read it [swipe left]. My eyes filled up with tears. This #CharlesSwindoll quote is the very first one I ever learned. It is a favorite -- that carried me through high school + college and helped me throughout various life situations as I grew from a young woman, to an adult.

I needed this reminder today. 💛 I needed to write about my life with OCD the other day for those people who are ashamed or too afraid to acknowledge that they need help. I reached out to a counselor yesterday, and I'm really excited to meet with her and learn new ways to manage my stress so that my #OCD doesn't control me in high-pressure seasons of my life. Asking for help and admitting you can't figure everything out by yourself is not a sign of failure or weakness. Perseverance, tenacity, and courage all live within you -- tap into it and commit to becoming the best version of yourself. You are worthy!! #THANKYOUALL ❤ // #theprinceandthep

》My 8 year old has...

》You guys know I'm raising future pro ⚽️ players, and the journey to success starts at home. We’re fostering their potential by encouraging them to dream big, practice hard, challenge themselves, and ensuring they get the nutrients they need to succeed in everything they do. Putting milk on the table is one easy way to do that and it’s no surprise that 9 out of 10 U.S Olympians and Paralympians grew up drinking milk. We are building greatness, one day at a time. 💪🏽 @milklife #ad // #BuiltNotBorn #Milklife #theprinceandthep

》You guys know I'm raising...

"Hey! My name is Shay, and I have lived with real-life, sometimes crippling, clinically diagnosed OCD for the last 20 years." [Link in bio] 🖤

"Hey! My name is Shay,...

》Valentine's Day isn't just for romance. ❤ This year, I wanted to make sure my pint-sized Galentine knew just how special she is to me, so I sent her flowers from @TheBouqsCo and planned a special day of pampering for her. What little girl doesn't love to be showered with roses?! 🌹 #BouqsPartner #BouqLove #sponsored // #theprinceandthep

》Valentine's Day isn't just for...

》 Shout out to everyone who texted + DM'd + tagged us on stories/Facebook when they saw Hubby + P in the #SuperbowlCommercial for @kraftrecipes! [swipe left] 🏈🏈🏈 Believe me when I say this was a game day highlight for Bae. He screamed with ya'll! 😂 Happy Super Bowl Sunday, Frans! // #theprinceandthepfamily

》 Shout out to everyone...

Every | SANGLE | week in my DM's:

P reminds me of her.
You should follow her.
P's hair color is like hers.
If you and her had a baby.
P's curls are similar to hers.
Have you ever seen this girl?
Wow! P looks just like a mini her.

You guys can stop now. 😂 Yes, we love @bwatuwant, too -- and have for years! 💕 Her curls are bomb but her personality + sense of humor are even better!

Now Brit, run me my child support $$$. // #theprinceandthepfaves

Every | SANGLE | week...