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》If I could frame my heart, it would look just like this. 🖤 I'm grateful that God chose him, for me + for them.

Babe, there aren't enough words, Instagram squares, or well articulated captions to express our gratitude for all that you do, so T H A N K  Y O U is all I got. We love you and hope you enjoyed your Father's Day!! @theprinceandthepdaddy // #theprinceandthepfamily

》If I could frame my...

| At-home facials, deep conditioning my hair, and trying out new face masks are all ways that I make time for myself. Another one of my favorite things to do is take some time out and paint my nails. I've partnered with @CNDworld to share their Beauty in Real Life Campaign, because it's the small things that makes me feel beautiful in my day-to-day life. #CNDVinylux has a long wearing and chip-resistant two-step application process so head to @CVSpharmacy and check out their wide range of high performing and trendy colors. #CVSBeauty #brandpartner // #theprinceandthep

| At-home facials, deep conditioning...

》This morning, I woke up with swollen eyes, from crying for hours on end yesterday. I also found a moment of deep gratitude for the friendships I've forged over the years. Not all of them have been immediate, some were built over time, but all of them have been blessings.
Yesterday, the enemy stole my joy. A day that started off full, immediately emptied my spirit. I gave access of my laptop to a Dell representative to repair (like I have done a dozen times before), and he proved to be a scam artist who spitefully wiped all of my precious files/images from my computer + called a dozen times, harrassing + threatening me. It was unreal. I don't want a bunch of unsolicited advice or public opinion -- it's been exhausting repeating myself over and over again + hearing the same advice, after the fact...but I just wanted to thank my boos who came through with the support.
From @livedeeplyrooted who saw me ask for a prayer request, and popped up all 38 weeks pregnant and unannounced 🙃) at my doorstep -- to @lovemisstosha who met up with me today to give me her brand new laptop to use. @watermeloneggrolls who gave me perspective, @tristenpaige who checked on me, @jayneonikids who reminded me of what's important, and everyone who offered prayers.
I am devastated. I am angry. I am embarrassed. But God is STILL an awesome God. I lost a bunch of beautiful memories and a lot of hardwork that may never be recovered, but I have my health, my life, my family, happy kids, and an amazing tribe. Thank you. ❤ // #theprinceandthep

》This morning, I woke up...

| A very accurate depiction of what life has looked like since @lovedbylilo 🐾 entered our world.
To be honest, the exhaustion isn't from Lilo, it's from #theprinceandthep. Lilo sleeps 75% of the day. My kids are skating through the house, fussing at eachother, complaining they are bored, making loud random noises, asking for snacks, trying to pick up a sleeping Lilo, and getting on my daaaaaaamn nerves 75% of the day. 😫 Now that school is out, I feel like I'm training my kids how to be home for the summer.
Shout out to @theprinceandthepdaddy, who went in to work a few hours late this morning, so I could sleep in. Ya girl was about to *SNAP*. It's me + Lilo against the kids -- only the strong survive!! Get Out: Puppy Edition. 🐶💨 #Jesusbeasummercamp #welcomehomeLilo #theseyochillrun #runLilorun // #theprinceandthepandthepaw #thePandthePaw

| A very accurate depiction...

》Fifteen months ago, we said goodbye to our 16 year old shih-tzu, Blaze. It was very hard on us all. As the months have passed, the kids have asked for a new puppy every month -- even crying when they saw friends of theirs get a new dog. We missed the pitter patter of little paws on our wood floors, the wagging tail greeting us at the door, and  the little warm body lying at our feet. Most of all -- we missed the joy our kids got from it all.

Keeping our new baby a surprise for the last 2 months has been hard, but Saturday revealed that it was all worth it. We are smitten!

Just know you’re not alone, cause we're going to make this place your home. 🖤 @lovedbylilo #minigoldendoodle // #theprinceandthepandthepaw #theprinceandthepvideo

》Fifteen months ago, we said...

》As a #Bouqspartner, I want to say C O N G R A T S to all the graduates of 2018 -- you made it!! 👨🏾‍🎓 When my nephew's mother unexpectedly passed away a few years ago, I was worried that he would give up on his dreams but instead, it pushed him to succeed even more. His drive and determination allowed him to graduate magnum cum laude from Langston State University earlier this month, and I couldn't be more proud of his accomplishments.

DQ, may your dreams take you as far as your mother's love for you. We love you! ❤ And thanks to @thebouqsco for sending these daisies as part of the graduation celebration. 🌼 #Bouqlove // #theprinceandthep

》As a #Bouqspartner, I want...

》There's such an element of magic + badassery, that comes along with being a woman. We are sensitive yet strong, we want to be talked to, not talked at, and there are times where our silence speaks louder than any words we could find to express ourselves.
Recognizing my self-worth was a journey. I learned to love me when I stopped looking for the approval of others. I used to be shy (can you imagine 😜) and afraid to have an opinion, for fear of being perceived as the opposition. I wanted to be liked, loved, and needed by people that weren't apart of my purpose. Ladies, you are under NO obligation to make anyone feel comfortable about who you are + who you are becoming. Whether you grow with grace, or exercise your gangsta 🖕🏽 -- #BeAForce. // #theprinceandthepmommy

》There's such an element of...

》The only thing cooler than my kid's wardrobe? Their sunglasses collection!! The kid's each got their first pair of sunnies from #JUNiA and not only do speak to their personalities, but their individual styles as well. JUNiA not only looks cool, but it offers UV protection and is made of high quality materials and 100% BPA-free. I have my eyes on a skinny red pair! Head to @JUNiA.Co and see if you can spot the ones I'm in love with! #createdwithJUNiA // #theprinceandthep

》The only thing cooler than...

》Rep yo' state...where are ya'll from?!! I was born in Indiana (could hear the Notre Dame band practice from my living room) and lived there for the first 8 years of my life -- but Texas raised me! // #theprinceandthep #mySONshine

》Rep yo' state...where are ya'll...

Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool... #BIGschmood 😎 #BaddieP // #theprinceandthep

Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all...