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》My childhood memories are filled with pillow forts and sheet tents, so it makes me happy to see that my kiddos are building their own memories, with a little help from @brooklinen. Never grow up, babies! #ad [Use code ShayRev20 for $20 off your purchase from #Brooklinen + free shipping!] // #theprinceandthep

》My childhood memories are filled...

》In November 2010, I unexpectedly found out I was pregnant. 🤰🏾 I had a rollercoaster of emotions given it was a very tumultuous time in my life, coupled with my mother-in-law being sick, and my husband working in Afghanistan. A month later, my mother-in-law gained her wings, so in an effort to cheer everyone up, we shared our pregnancy news with the family when we gathered after her funeral. I remember my father-in-law's eyes lit up as he said, "We needed some good news!!" I even made the Facebook announcement. I experienced some spotting around 10 weeks, and went to the doctor that Friday. The baby was fine -- bouncing around like crazy. I was so relieved. Then, the next day, I miscarried.
The loss came at such an unimaginable time that I could barely process it -- but 6 months later, we were pregnant with P. Her inital due date was even on my late mother-in-law's birthday!! #ifthataintasign Hubby asked if we could give her MIL's name, so we did. She is our fire sign (we are all earth signs), our wild card, our Aries girl, our rainbow baby. 🌈 She has an angel kiss in between her eyebrows that most people can't see unless they look for it. Her Oma kissed her, before she entered into the world, and if you have been following us long enough to have read my birth story, then you know how special that is to me -- and her, too.

My MIL's birthday was last week, and wish P could have met her Oma. They would have been the best of friends, but I know she left her fiery spirit, her compassion, and her laugh -- in #BaddieP. 💕 #ForHeidi // #theprinceandthep

》In November 2010, I unexpectedly...

Just another manic Monday. #herhairlookslikemyweekend 😜 #noproducts #juswataandair #BaddieP

Just another manic Monday. #herhairlookslikemyweekend...

》Let me tell ya'll about this girl right here. As I drop her off at home to Daddy today, and head out on a quick shopping trip, she says: "If you see anyyyyything cute for me, PLEASE make sure you take a pic and send it to Daddy so I can see if I like it." Um....🤨 #shetriedit

I can see Spring shopping online at @oshkoshkids went to her head last month. What do I look like -- her personal shopper?! #dontanswerthat 😔 #ad #beingBaddiep #OshKoshKids #BringTheFun // #theprinceandthep

》Let me tell ya'll about...

》I am such a wannabe minimalist, ya'll. I love the idealism -- the less is more mentality -- providing experiences over things. It sounds amazing and beautiful and easy. It sounds natural and peaceful; the whole "art of slow living" vibe. I'd love to be that girl, but they say the truth shall set you free. So in the pursuit of freedom, let me say: I love being me. I like things. I like things and I'm not ashamed. I like a whole lotta stuff I can't leave this world with, AND I want all the experiences too. I like working, I don't have the patience for home schooling, and I don't live an all-organic lifestyle. I do the best I can, with the blessings I have, while teaching my children that what they possess, doesn't define the best of them. With that said, don't let your admiration for other people's lifestyles convince you that you aren't "doing it right". Live a life that sets YOU free. ✨ // #theprinceandthep

》I am such a wannabe...

Faux-ductive. /foe ducktiv/ adj.

The art of perceived busyness. Multi-tasking, doing a significant amount of nothingness, stressing over copious amounts of "stuff", yet never actually completing tasks.

Also see: Engaging in activities such as huffing, puffing, sighing, and complaining about all the "stuff" that needs to be done -- yet the goal of productivity is never achieved.

Yep. Sounds about like my Monday. 🤷🏽‍♀️ #asdefinedbyme // #theprinceandthep

Faux-ductive. /foe ducktiv/ adj. The...

》Oh how I love a girl who knows how to laugh at herself! 😄 #shegetitfromhermama Happy Saturday, Frans! // #theprinceandthep #mandytangerine #mandytangerinemini #zaragirl

》Oh how I love a...

》Now that Spring is here, let the shopping begin! 🌷 The kids have outgrown errryyythang so it's an "add to cart" kinda weekend! Head over to the site [link in bio] and check out some of my fave looks from @oshkoshkids. You might even find a coupon over there! 😉 #ad #BringTheFun // #theprinceandthep #OshKoshKids

》Now that Spring is here,...

Dear P,

Don't let anyone [including loved ones] talk you out of your gift, just because they didn't receive it. Some won't understand it because they are not the planners of your purpose or the dictators of your destiny -- and that's okay. When God said, "For I know the plans I have for you...", He didn't end it with, "And I told errrrybody!" ☺ Have faith, silence self-doubt, and operate in your gift with confidence. I believe in you, babygirl! - Mommy // #theprinceandthep

Dear P, Don't let anyone...

》While some prefer coffee to start out their day, everyone knows that I'm a matcha mama! Every morning I get up, make sure my kiddos have breakfast, do final backpack checks, and drop them off at school. Then I come home, make myself a cup of matcha, grab a @kindsnacks Healthy Grains bar, and get to work -- 'cause my hustle is fueled by big dreams + caffeine, babyyy! KIND Healthy Grains bars are gluten-free, non-gmo, and made with super grains like quinoa and oats. The perfect way to start my busy days! #RiseandKIND #ad // #theprinceandthep

》While some prefer coffee to...


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