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| Saturday Night Live. ✨✨✨ #theprinceandthepparents ❤ #bettertogether

| Saturday Night Live. ✨✨✨...

| Yesterday when I picked the kids up from school, we had a tough conversation. I told them about the shooting in California. 💔  P cried + MJ asked me "Why?". It was hard not being able to give him a solid answer, other than that there are people in this world who are sick inside their head, and don't care about other lives, not even their own.

Then I went down my list of hard conversations I have with them regularly:

Some people like to hurt kids. You never let ANYONE touch your body or make you feel uncomfortable -- not even friends or family. They may tell you that they will hurt you, mommy, or daddy if you tell, but don't believe them -- they are trying to scare you.
Never go anywhere with anyone you don't know, even if your friends know them. Even if they know your name or your face from Instagram. Not even if they say they are the police. You ALWAYS check with me or Daddy first and if we aren't there, you scream + call 911.
Mommy + Daddy want you to have fun, but we also want to keep you safe even more. This is why we don't do slumber parties.
Last year, I began "training" them to look for exit signs inside of stores. I want it to be second nature for them + they've made a game out of it. "Never try to go out of the front door if anything bad happens." They asked me if the people in California knew where the exits were. 😭 #heartbreak

There are still so so many things in life to be discussed + I don't want to scare my kids, but I would be doing them a great disservice if I sheltered them. I speak to them at a level their young minds can digest, until they get older + I can go into greater detail. I pray they NEVER find themselves in any situation that challenges their humanity + survival, but this world is ugly, and I don't trust it.

What kinds of tough conversations are you all having with your littles?? // #theprinceandthep

| Yesterday when I picked...

| Happiest Birthday @maelyn1998!!! 🎉 You are an amazing Tia + Madrina to our babies, my loyal + trustworthy sister, our baby [God] mama, my Puerto Rican princess!! Thank you for loving us like you do, for all the beautiful memories, the endless laughter,  the girl talk + the God talk. You are such a beautiful human + I love you -- we love you -- and we celebrate you on this day! Every time it sprinkles, the kids remember what Tia told them -- "It's a Mauka shower!" -- and they think of you! 😄 Hurry and move back from Hawaii, bruh -- I miss yer whole face! ❤ #myoneandonlybabymama #maeandshay // #theprinceandthepfamily

| Happiest Birthday @maelyn1998!!! 🎉...

| Mamas, do you have a go-to protective style for your littles? P's braided ponytail isn't doing it for us anymore. 😂 I had honestly forgotten how much I used to braid her hair [yep, I can braid] when she was younger, and  when she started school last year + playing soccer every weekend, I honestly just didn't have the time anymore.
With winter coming, I'm definitely going into #protectivestyling mode so get ready for allll the braid tutorials over the next few months + check out #theprinceandthepbraids to see all the different ways I've protected her hair over the years. 😍 // #theprinceandthephair

| Mamas, do you have...

| This girl right here is SO excited that tomorrow is Election Day, that she laid out red/white/blue clothes for school!! 🇺🇸 Tomorrow, she goes to the polls + casts her vote for Pete the Cat, Pig, Elephant, or Fly Guy to represent the 1st grade class in their reading program. 🤗 So cute, right?

Meanwhile, MJ told me that he saw a kid with a "Vote for Beto" sticker on his backpack today, so he tapped the kid on his shoulder + whispered to him, "Good choice." 😂 My kids are clearly making their voices heard at school. Make sure you get out there tomorrow + do the same at the polls! // #theprinceandthep #BaddieP

| This girl right here...

Love Language = Quality Time #bymyselftoo 😄 Me: 🤸🏽‍♀️💃🏽🤸🏽‍♀️💃🏽 Thanks, babe! #buhbyekids #eatslow #takeyallstime

Love Language = Quality Time...

| I keep getting soooo many DM's about what I'm using on P's hair now since I dumped 70% of our hair product stash [toxic 🚫]. Honestly, it's been a struggle finding low porosity hair products with clean ingredients I can trust, but I'm currently using @organigrowhairco products + have been pretty happy with the results. My faves are their Growtein Free Deep Conditioner + the Low Porosity Hair Dew, but for this pic I also used the Mega Mangrow + Curling Custard. #NOTsponsored I also went back to basics by incorporating ACV rinses + honey into the kiddos regular wash day routines + scalp massaging with an ayurvedic oil (more on that soon!) 4-5 times/wk. I will keep you guys posted! // #theprinceandthephair #organigrowhairco

| I keep getting soooo...

| A [Disney] Zombie + A [Fortnite] Wild Card. 🎃 #theprinceandthephalloween

| A [Disney] Zombie +...

| Both The Prince + The P had their class Halloween parties today. Since it was Storybook Character Dress Up Day (aka "Don't Wear Nooothin' Scary 🙅🏽‍♀️" Day), Hubby and I decided to pop up + surprise the kiddos in matching outfits. The look on their faces was priceless + it felt awesome to have the rare opportunity to both be present at a school party. Moments like these are the ones I dreamt about when I imagined all the things I'd do as a parent. I love my family the mostest! ❤ #theprinceandthepfamily #theprinceandthephalloween

| Both The Prince +...

| So I heard today was international #whosyourZaddy day + thought I'd post my babyyyyy!! I'm forever asking him to be a stand-in so I can test my light and he done turned into a whole model! Boiiii, you betta! 😜 #germanchocolatetysonbeckfordinthismug lmbo But for real, thank you for all you do. Without you, there would be no Prince + The P. I mean...literally. 🙄 [Alexa, play Kels, "Half on A Baby"] #MCM #imadeupthatdaybtw #igmakesstuffupsowhycanti 🤷🏽‍♀️ #dontbescurredtolikethispic 😂 // #theprinceandthepdaddy #theprinceandthepzaddy

| So I heard today...